The Ultimate Guide to West Coast Living

Has the time finally come? If you are absolutely sure about leaving the east coast, or maybe midwest, odds are high that you’ll have your eyes set somewhere right along the west coast. Even if you’ve never been there, you aren’t alone in having spent years dreaming about a life in a vastly different part of the country.

So, is there anything to know before you get there? Of course, there is! You’re thinking, “But it’s all the same country.” and it is it, but life is a little different out here. Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to be feeling like a local in no time.

Keep In Mind The Weather

If you’ve got the west coast in mind but not anywhere in particular, thinking about what kind of climate you like might rule out a few places. Looking at the west coast, as a whole, you’ll see the place is massive and that means different kinds of weather. If you only want warm, nice days, you’ll have plenty of options throughout California. 

There’s also those among us that love a cozy day inside while plenty of rain hits the windows. If that’s more you, the northwestern states (picture anywhere near Seattle) might be more where you’d be happiest. 

If you live for your time on the slopes, you’ll still have options here as well, thanks to some high elevation, so don’t feel like you’ve got to leave the snowboard behind when you move. 

The Cost Of Things

This is an unfortunate side of things but something anyone ought to keep in mind. Coming from the midwest, or more rural parts of the east, and you might have some shock when you start seeing prices. When looking at Oakland houses for sale, it might be a lot different than you’ve been used to if you come from a quieter part of the country.

The silver lining here is that most jobs are going to pay decently higher than they would in the parts of the country you might be more familiar with. So if that shock is there, it might wear off quickly when you see the cost of things are more, but so is the paycheck that you’re taking home as well. 

Enjoy The Nature

No matter wherever you settle on the west coast, do try and take advantage of the seemingly endless options you’ll have for hiking. From national forests to state parks, they are all going to be worth seeing. Even if you aren’t someone who sees themselves as comfortable deep in the woods, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to find something that seems right for you in terms of activity level and travel time to get there. 

Outside of hiking, just like with the climate, as long as you are OK with a little travel, you should be able to find anything you are looking for in terms of nature. From amazing beaches to some world-class spots for winter sports, there’s sure to be an amazing way to experience your favorite outdoor activity.

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