Win by Fall in Wrestling – What it is and How points calculated

We all, particularly Indians, search for the term – “Win by Fall” for the past two days. Another question from people is how the Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya defeated the opponent in the semi-final? So, here is information all you can read about the win by fall. 

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What win by fall?

In the simple language of wrestling, if the wrestler manages to touch the opponent’s shoulder on the ground or mat for more than 10 sec then the wrestler’s victory is considered as a win by fall. Win by fall is one of the hardest parts of wrestling. Fortunately, we saw this in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 where Ravi Dahiya an Indian wrestler was trailing by 2-9 and everyone thinks that it’s difficult to lead from such a big difference but from trailing 2-9 Ravi Dahiya overturned, show attacking intent, and manage the minimize the difference as 7-9, he then did not miss the opportunity and grab the victory with a win by fall technique. 

With the victory over Nurislam Sanayev of Kazakhstan, Ravi ensured the 4th medal for India in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. He will get at least a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics if he losses the final. However, his eyes will be to get the gold medal and create history. He did best in the Tokyo Olympics. 

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Thrill and Drama during the Semifinal

Thrill and excitement continue during the match till the last minute. Ravi made a tremendous comeback in the last few minutes. To get free from Ravi’s strong grip, Nurislam Sanayev started biting Ravi with his teeth but still got defeated by Ravi. The game turned to Ravi’s side in the last 1 minute only. 

The points system in wrestling

If nobody has pinned, the winner in the wrestling is decided based on the points. There are five ways to earn points in a wrestling match

  • Takedown: Wrestler will get the 2 points when he falls down the opponent on the mat or gets full control over him/her.
  • Escape: Wrestlers will get one point after getting away or escape from an opponent’s move. 
  • Reversal: Wrestlers will get 2 points when the opponent led you down on the mat and you overcame it and took control over the opponent.  
  • Near Fall: Wrestler will get 2 or 3 points when he almost but not pinned the opponent. A near fall is considered when both soldiers hold for 2 seconds on the mat. Or one shoulder is on the mat and the other shoulder is 45 degrees down to the mat. Or wrestlers make a high bridge or back on both elbows. If a near fall is for 2 seconds then the wrestler gets 2 points, if it falls for 5 seconds then he gets 3 points. 
  • Penalty Points: 1 or 2 points given to the opponent when wrestlers commit for Illegal holds, technical violation, showing roughness, misconduct or over aggression and incorrect start or false start. 

If the wrestler commits the mistake for the first and second time, the opponent is awarded one point. A third-time mistake will reward the opponent with two points. If a wrestler commits a mistake for the fourth time then he will be disqualified. 

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